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We have packed 39 inspiring experiences into this book to show what people like YOU and I can achieve. The stories are uniquely different, and if you have trouble reaching your goals, you’re bound to find an example that resonates with you. You will close this book convinced that NOW is the time to write your success story!

Whether you are a professional, startup, or business owner wanting to take things to the next level, you will find all the MOTIVATION you need right here!

The Emotionally Charged Connection, or E.C.C., is an individual’s emotional “why.”

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Behind every success is a truly emotional tale!
  • Where do you see your greatest challenge?
  • What is your greatest advantage?
  • You’ll understand the purpose of sharing your Emotionally Charged Connection, what it can do, and how it contributes to your success.

This incredibly powerful concept and much more await you in this book!

A book recognized in leading American business circles

Ebru Achet

This book was great and taught me how each individual can make a significant difference. It is impressive to see how life stories can have a positive, formative effect.

Marcelle Rabic

An amazing and insightful book that touched me deeply. The short, emotional life stories are very inspiring.

We often spend time with people we think we know well, but we usually don’t understand them as much as we think.

We are also unaware that we could live our lives more consciously and intentionally.

Highly Recommended!

E.C.C. — Emotionally charged connection

An emotionally charged connection is your emotional “why.”

Once you have discovered your emotional why, you will find that many things become much easier. However, this is not because what you are trying to do has actually become easier, but because your FOCUS is so much stronger now that nothing and nobody can derail you on your path to success.

Let me be honest...

this book is NOT:

  • A boring 700-page tome filled with endless obtuse technical terms. It is a field-tested guide!
  • For people who love finding excuses for their failures and leave valuable books gathering dust on their bookshelves. It is for doers and those who carry the spark of success!
  • A vague manual with non-specific recommendations. It is a proven shortcut to elevating your business predictably!

Here’s what others are saying about this book

Jada Emerson

A direct message that invites you to actively create your ideal life by taking care of yourself, thereby promoting life values that are most important to you.

Henrie Phillman

I liked the simplicity of the book. The E.C.C. descriptions are very impressive and get under your skin. I couldn’t help but read the book in one sitting.

What this book can teach you:

  • How to systematically and positively describe your life story and quickly develop emotional connections essential to your entrepreneurial success.
  • What an E.C.C. (Emotionally Charged Connection) really is.
  • How to consciously and mindfully build relationships.
  • How to get all the relevant and necessary contacts you need for business success in the shortest possible time!
  • How to filter contacts with simple steps and thus keep away everything that harms you!
  • The impressive life stories of entrepreneurs sure to get under your skin and fire you up.
  • How to convert formative events into opportunities.
  • What distinguishes top entrepreneurs from mediocre entrepreneurs emotionally, and how to use these to position yourself!
  • And much more...

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Who is this book for?

  • The self-employed and entrepreneurs who want to learn efficient, emotionally based business relationship strategies and empower themselves in professional relationships.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to enhance their company’s focus and performance to save time, money, and inconvenience.
  • Managing directors who want to enrich their everyday professional lives and inject their teams with motivation.
  • Freelancers who want to maximize their revenue opportunities faster with the right contacts.
  • Service providers, consultants, or coaches who want to make a name for themselves and establish specific contacts.
  • Consulting companies that want to increase their customer base and enable flexible decision-making in every situation.
  • Smart entrepreneurs who care about education and development and understand that this book is an essential tool for their success.

Who is the author of this book?

Sandro Moor

Sandro is the owner, CEO, and Chairman of Asentiv Global, the world’s leading business coaching & consulting franchise provider.

As an entrepreneur and marketing expert, Sandro spends every day supporting entrepreneurs in business relationship marketing through Asentiv’s 40 franchise branches across more than 20 countries. He is also the founder of Asentiv Academy and has interests in several companies outside of Asentiv.

Sandro has co-authored various business books in both German and English.

With this book, Sandro summarizes the E.C.C. (Emotionally Charged Connection) concept and presents the personal stories of entrepreneurs from around the world.

3 reasons why this book is indispensable

Believe me—there is no catch, hidden cost, or sneaky tactic. Here’s why we are giving away this book:

Reason #1

1. It is our DUTY and MISSION to make E.C.C accessible to as many people as possible. It has completely changed the lives of countless entrepreneurs, enabling them to maximize their business potential. This book can do the same for you if you choose to apply the information it contains.

Reason #2

2. Honestly, this book sets the standard for business success and happy living as an entrepreneur.

Many people find it hard to acquire the contacts they want in their “space.” It takes consistent and systematic follow-through to sustainably attract happy contacts.

Unlike other books that often provide incomplete information and no clear process, this is your chance to get it right the first time, so you can get even better results from your contacts today.

If you try to establish contacts successfully without this book, the odds of achieving the success that you deserve will most likely be against you.
Too often, after a few unsuccessful attempts at connecting, most people just give up, convinced that entrepreneurship is not for them because connecting is just too hard.

Start everything off on the right foot! We believe that anyone who owns this book will be able to lead a spectacular life and build an exceptional business.

Reason #3

3. Asentiv is a global family of successful entrepreneurs and self-employed people. That’s why we want to build a relationship with you. We also know that when you see your first positive results trickle in thanks to this book, you will be pleasantly surprised, and there will be a high chance of you becoming a permanent member of this successful family.

This is what other successful entrepreneurs have to say about this book

Dr. Ivan Misner


Known for his top book, “The Platinum Rule.”

“The older I get, the less I pay attention to what people say. Instead, the more attention I pay to their behavior and E.C.C. (Emotionally Charged Connection).”


Amazon review:

I started reading this book but couldn’t wait to finish it to give a preliminary review.

Each of the 39 E.C.C. stories is gripping, inspiring, and very emotional.

I think it’s the most emotional book I’ve ever read.

Highly Recommended.

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  • How to systematically build a business community based on positive emotions, which are indispensable for your entrepreneurial success.
  • How to plan your environment sustainably and maximize your benefits with the least hassle.
  • How to get all the contacts you need for business and private success in the shortest possible time.
  • How to create an environment that benefits you through simple, actionable steps.
  • The reckless mistakes that prevent most entrepreneurs from achieving success with their network.
  • What emotionally differentiates top entrepreneurs from mediocre ones, and how to leverage these principles to your benefit.
  • And much more...

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Sandro Moor

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