Asentiv Membership




Asentiv Membership

The Asentiv Membership ist powered by different Mastermind Communities at the heart of our mission for entrepreneurs to have an amazing business and a spectacular life. Within our unique, confidential, and supportive group environments, participants grow and achieve success as a result of the collective expertise and experience that is contributed by each member.

Based upon internationally recognized ‘Mastermind Principles’, participants have the opportunity to take a 360-degree look at their business, share best practices, solve problems, and evolve to the maximum of their potential. With resources and systems in place around the world and a team of highly trained facilitators, we hold the vision and mission-driven entrepreneurs accountable to build lasting, meaningful relationships and the highest aspirations in life professionally and personally.

All this is included in the Asentiv Membership:

  1. Asentiv PRO Seminar
  2. Asentiv Pipeline Workshop
  3. Asentiv Behaviour Workshop
  4. Asentiv Community events
  5. Asentiv Mastermind Communities
  6. LAB Training Session

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