Asentiv “Circle of Excellence”




The Asentiv Circle of Excellence

The “Asentiv Circle of Excellence” is the nationally and globally networked entrepreneur community, which is characterized by worldwide proven coaching and mentoring aspects.

Continuous personal entrepreneurial growth is a top priority and even from the direct exchange of entrepreneurial personalities who have already implemented this, Exchange best practices, solve problems and develop to their maximum potential. Work on business with resources and systems that are available around the world and benefit from and be supported by the best and their team.

Take advantage of personal mentoring and accelerate your success.

Exclusive experiences. Unforgettable encounters. Immerse yourself in the world of Mission 6 vision-driven entrepreneurial personalities. Feel one with like-minded people.

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability in you than you see in yourself and helps you to get it out of you.” – Bob Proctor

Sharing the spirit and being the first and only to experience what moves the brand at its core. This is the promise that the “Asentiv Circle of Excellence” makes to its exclusive members.

All this is included in the “Asentiv Circle of Excellence”: 

  1. Asentiv PRO Seminar
  2. Asentiv Pipeline Workshop
  3. Asentiv Behaviour Workshop
  4. Asentiv Community Events
  5. Asentiv Mastermind Communities
  6. Personal WhatsApp Support
  7. Masterclass Mastermind

The Asentiv “Circle of Excellence” Program can be canceled annually in writing by email, always 3 months before the end of the contractual year.

Note: The acquisition of the offered services is associated with considerable entrepreneurial risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital invested. The promised return (profit) is not guaranteed and can also be lower. It is a B2B contract with no right of withdrawal.